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Has my order shipped?
Once logged, Click the "My Account / Order History / Details" link to check your orders status. If you provided an email address you will also receive a shipping confirmation with tracking number via email.
Can I add items to my order after placing it ?
If the order has not been packed, then we are happy to add items to it. The best way to do this is to place another order through the website for the additional items along with a note in the comments section referencing that you have an outstanding order and ask to combine them. We will then add the items to your previous order. Please note that this may change the shipping amount if the weight goes up. We will only charge the actual cost of shipping the order.
Why is an item that was on the site yesterday gone today ?
Our website keeps real-time track of inventory. As things sell they come off of the site. Our inventory changes daily as we sell out of things and as we re-stock items. Check back often. Also, if you see something that you want, do not assume that it will still be in stock next week.
What if an item I order is not in stock ?
99% of the time, if an item is on the site it is in stock and ready to ship (unless it is labeled as a preorder). However with about 10,000 SKU's to manage, there are times where inventory numbers will be off on a few items. There is an option on check out that you can request to be notified if any item is out of stock on your order. Our normal policy is to ship what we have and cancel any out of stock items.
When will my preorder arrive ?
When an item is listed as a preorder we give an estimate of when that item will ship. However, we are at the mercy of the manufacturers for this information. They can (and often do) miss their estimated ship dates. We ship preorders the day we receive the product in stock and ship in the order that the preorder was received (meaning those who ordered first, ship first).
Do you need help? Go to see our FAQ section.
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